Equip Your Cell Phone with These Apps

The cell phones are so incorporated in our lives that we cannot imagine our existence without them. And with the technological advances the cell phones have become so much more than ordinary devices that are use to make calls or occasional text message from time to time. Now, a cell phone can be used to connect to internet, or read books, watch movies and listen music with it. The modern-day mobile phone, or smartphone, as it became more popular to be called, can do just about anything with the right app.

Exactly, the apps are what turned the ordinary cell phone into miniature computer that we can hold into the palm of our hands. Here few of the most popular examples of apps that any smartphone should be equiped with.

These days more and more smartphones are becoming the most used source of up to date news and information. This was recognized from the major media corporations and more and more of them released special apps which allow the user of the mobile phone to read news, look at photos and watch videos from major news agencies directly on his cell phone. New York Times, CNN, AP, BBC are few of the major news outlets that have their own mobile app, which is available for most model of smartphones.

Communication is very important in these day and age. And that is the driving force for developing so many different smartphone apps which allow people to communicate between themselves. Yes, smartphones can still be used for making calls. However, more and more people are installing apps like Skype, Truphone, Google Voice and others on their smartphones, because they can be used for making cheap and free calls, thus completely eliminating the need of mobile networks and their expensive services. For example, anyone can make cheap calls to Italy with any of the above mentioned apps.

Using smartphones would have been completely different experience without all the additional apps that are developed for them. We wouldn’t be able to browse the web, or read news, or learn the weather forecast, or play games in our spare time, or call Italy on low calling rates without all those apps. Every smartphone should be equipped with as many apps as possible.

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