Ensuring Your Comfort First while Taking care of Incontinence

Skin care.
Protecting your skin from chafing and inflammation, is a paramount part of incontinence care. Look for skin care products like gentle cleansers, barrier creams, antifungals, skin repair creams – just to name a few. There are many skin care products designed for adults, such as IncoSilk and Remedy, that will take care of your delicate skin – and not leave you smelling like a newborn.

Disposable washcloths & wipes
These give a more appropriate, more complete cleaning, than everyday toilet paper. They’re practical for today’s hectic lifestyle and easily chucked into a case or purse for on the move people. Many wipes & washcloths often feature moisturizers or barrier creams, and are specially manufactured for cleaning delicate skin.

Bedding & furniture solutions.
In addition to taking care of your bed with mattress covers, underpads are produced to safeguard your wheelchairs, chairs, couches and other furniture. They are fabricated in different sizes and absorbencies, and some are even fabricated with beautiful patterns so that they are fashionable. Some underpads contain state-of-the-art technology – such as silver ions that are added to the underpad. This provides an unequaled and highly effective solution by combining the power of silver ions with surface-active antimicrobial chemistry, delivering a fast kill rate across a broad spectrum of microbes. These reusable underpads will help you control the unpleasant smells often correlated with incontinence care products.

Exam Gloves.
For nurses, you know that gloves are bottom-line if you are providing care to someone you love who lives with incontinence issues. There are different types of exam gloves to pick from. Our favorite are exam gloves that are lined with aloe vera to protect your skin – critical if you are constantly washing your hands and using alcohol cleansers. Bear in mind, if you have latex allergy issues, be sure to read the box for the gloves you are considering, and determine they are latex free.

Odor Control.
Unpleasant odors are often affiliated with incontinence. While your local stores carry ‘air fresheners’ – these just can’t compete with incontinence odors because incontinence odors can’t just be covered up – they need to be neutralized. Look for hospital grade odor control products available in online speciality shops.

Usually, the more pricey incontinence products offer the most choices, like those listed above. Be that as it may, that’s not always the circumstance. Many online shops offer these excellent incontinence products for roughly the equivalent as what you pay for mediocre incontinence products at your local shops.

When it comes to incontinence, your determination, your body and your health, knowing what is accessible to you to make your life easier, is more significant than ever. Knowledge is power.

The emergence of online stores that specialize in incontinence products have provided a specialized niche for incontinence products.

No longer do you have to exist with using the products procurable at your local stores that leak, are noisy, don’t fit properly, etc. Now you can get more bang for your buck, better quality incontinence products for nearly the same as what you pay for below par products in your small-town retail stores. The additional perk of purchasing online is man online shops also offer discreet shipping, so your neighbors won’t realize what’s being delivered to your door!

Now that you know these options are available for you – you can shop smarter for your superior quality incontinence products.

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