Egyptian Unrest Claims Alien Pharaoh Artifacts

Although by most accounts, the changes that overtook Egypt in February were sweeping and mostly positive, there were some negative outcomes to the month-long protest. According to Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s leading archaeologist, 8 or more precious and irreplaceable artifacts were stolen from the portion of the museum that housed artifacts from the Pharaoh Akhenaten, also known as the Alien Pharaoh because of his unusual body proportions. Visitors in London can view ancient Egyptian artifacts at the British Museum whether they are staying nearby in one of the high-end Kensington Hotels or all the way out at one of the Gatwick Airport Hotels.

In nearly all-visual references of him, the king is pictured with an elongated head and unusual proportions to his lower body. His thighs were markedly fuller and his calves as well as his neck were elongated. In conspiracy circles these depictions have stood as proof that the figure was not actually form our earth. They pointed to his odd appearance and sun worship, over traditional religious forms as further indications he was not even human.

Among the items listed missing were a wooden statue of Tutankhamun, a stele showing Akhenaten harpoon fishing, a tablet showing Akhenaten bearing gifts to the sun gods, and a wooden sabti statue taken from Yuya. The most beautiful piece to have gone missing however is the Heart Scarab of Yuya, the courier sent to father Khaperkheprure, who would eventually rule Egypt.

Perhaps these artifacts are gone to time, and we will never get the chance to appreciate their beauty again, but you don’t have to travel all the way across the globe to study Egyptian artifacts, Visitors staying at hotels in Kensington and Gatwick Airport hotels should find the museum easily since the underground tube system is so expansive and thorough.

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