Effects of Tooth Grinding on Your Teeth

Tooth grinding is one of the most problematic habits that any person can have. Not only does tooth grinding cause negative effects on the jaw, but it is also hard on the teeth. Fortunately, there are several solutions to halt tooth grinding.

Tooth grinding rubs the teeth together, causing them to become worn down. Once the dental enamel has become worn, the teeth are more vulnerable to cavities and can get chipped and cracked. Tooth grinding also places an incredible amount of stress on the jaw, making the muscles sore and causing long terms problems with the bite and tissues surrounding the affected teeth. In some conditions, surgical remedies are required to restore the teeth and jaw and to prevent further damage.

Tooth grinding can have many causes. Traditionally, researchers believe that tooth grinding was caused from stress and anxiety. Yet, in many conditions, tooth grinding also happens due to discomfort, problems with the bite, and crooked teeth. Treating the underlying cause of the tooth grinding usually helps to lower the grinding behavior.

Most patients grind their teeth at night while they are sleeping. This is what makes the condition so difficult to treat, because many individuals are not even aware of the fact that they are grinding their teeth until they have already experienced issues with their teeth or jaw. A night guard can prevent the patient from damaging their teeth at night. The night guard is a soft yet durable plastic tray that fits into the mouth. When the patient grinds their teeth, the mouth guard prevents the teeth from rubbing together and getting damaged. The guard also minimizes the stress on the jaw and muscles.

If the teeth have already got damaged by grinding, a dentist can take steps to fix or cover the damage. Severely worn teeth or teeth that have become chipped or cracked as the result of grinding can have the damage covered by dental crowns, which act as caps over the damaged teeth. Dental crowns prevent the tooth from getting more damaged. Veneers may be another option for covering the damaged teeth and making them appear whole again. The right solution for covering the damage depends on the severity and type of damage the teeth have sustained. A dentist can examine your teeth and make a recommendation for which type of dental procedure or device is best suited for your needs.

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