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Nowadays, we use commercial cleaning products, while cleaning the house. Have you ever asked yourself, is it worth the money? Many years ago people used to clean with natural green products, now you use chemical-based solutions that contain toxins  that can be very harmful for you and your loved ones’ health, especially when there are toddlers in the house. Most of you are not aware of the fact that there are a lot of house-hold ingredients that can be effective alternatives to all chemical-based products, that you buy from the store.

Most cleaning London companies advices the use of environmentally friendly products in our life. Green cleaning is much safer and cheaper, at the same time. Here are some useful natural cleaning supplies that most of you have already at home. Most of these supplies can be both used in cooking and cleaning.

Backing soda – this is one of the best house-hold natural scrubbing product, along with the cornstarch. It is also a good deodorizer. To clean the oven make a paste of vinegar and backings soda, and rub the oven inside with the mixture. Wait overnight, and the oven will become as shine as new. To remove unpleasant odor from the carpet sprinkle thoroughly the carpet, wait several hours and vacuum.

Borax – this solid substance can be used for scrubbing, too. It also has high dirt absorbing power.

White vinegar – this is a good grease remover, and is one of the most useful solvents when you want to get rid of stains. To clean the drains, combine vinegar and backing soda. Be careful, if there are fumes during the reaction.

Essential oils – replace the expensive perfumes and deodorizers with oils, only few drops can remove the unpleasant smell and freshen up the air in your home.

These are some of the most common supplies that can be found in every house or apartment. So when you need to clean the entire house you do not need to call London cleaners any more, just open the cupboard and take what you need.

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