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The economy of a state plays a very vital role in the progress and the prosperity of the state. Economy is such a thing on which the status of that specific state lies. From the economy of the state people can judge the level of that state and their attitude towards their hard work and progress. Economy of a state is totally depended up upon the people of its state and the things which are available in their state from which they can have something. Well it’s an art to make the economy better from different kinds of sources which are available in their area. Now first of all it depends upon the area that which facilities are there in that specific area. Then it comes to the people that how they can produce the best thing from the material they have. Then some states excels up in some fields in which they think that they are capable of doing that thing and they could give their best to it and could have the perfect result from that thing. Like if a state is rich in agriculture then they could make their economy better by producing the best agricultural products.

Well a state itself can’t make its economy better it is the effort and the hard work of the cities which are a part of that state that makes their economy better. Similarly in the state of UNITED State of America the cities participate equally in making their economy better and best. From those cities of that state the city of Boston is well known in this respect. The education system in the city of Boston plays a vital role. The schools, colleges and the universities are a major area serving up in this thing and making up the economy of the city better. People from all over the world come to these universities and colleges to acquire knowledge from which the economy factor of the city enhances. Then a very large number of companies have made up their homes in their city which also makes the economy factor better. These all companies are recognized worldwide due to which their applications and reputation is appreciated by everyone.

The tourism factor of this city is also playing up a major role in the enhancement of the economy of the state and city. The city of Boston has many much exciting places within itself for which the tourist comes from all over the world. People have their vacations spend up in a very enjoyable and peace environment when they come to the city of Boston. In this way the tourism thing is also playing up it’s an important part in the economy betterment of the state. Whereas the city of Boston city is also a seaport due to which its sea transport with the other countries get accomplished up nicely. Well the city of Boston is making each and every that thing in use from which he thinks that the economy of the state could be made better.

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