Easy Way to Remove Blood form Your Carpet

Every living creature has the natural instinct to protect himself from harm. The man is no more different, it is in ourself to avoid getting injured. However, sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes there is blood. An accidental cut on a sharp object can result in blood stain occurrence on your carpet. Most carpets are made of thick fibers which make blood stains very difficult to remove. Luckily, there are easy ways to help cleaning blood stains form carpets.
The things that carpet cleaning Hampstead suggests to use, are: old cotton cloth, clean cloth, sponge, cold water, mild detergent as it could be replaced with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.
Hare is what you have to do when cleaning blood stain:

  • Press down the affected area using old cotton cloth dampened into cold water. Keep pressing for at least three minutes so the water to wet the blood stain properly. This will help you to eliminate the stain easily.
  • Always blot the stained area, scrubbing it hard can spread the blood. It is advisable to blot the area beginning at the stain edges to its centre using a cotton cloth in order to prevent its spreading.
  • The cold water is more appropriate for fresh blood. If the stain is already dry, then you can use a cleaning solution prepared by adding mild detergent to cold water.
  • Spray the stained area with your cleaning solution then use a cotton cloth to press down the area.
  • Ammonia mixed with water is also a solution, but it is rare used because of its hard smell.
  • Using just one cloth to clean a blood stain is not efficient. Make sure you have enough cotton cloths for blotting the affected area, and if possible use white ones so you can easily evaluate whether the blood stain is removed or not.
  • When the stain disappears, blot the stained carpet using a sponge soaked in tap water in order to remove the cleaning solution.
  • Lastly, place an old dry cloth on the area and let it dry for several hours.

Use only cold water, as recommended by carpet cleaning Hampstead, because warm water can make your cleaning task more difficult as the blood stain goes deeper into the carpet fibers.

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