Dreaming About the One in London’s Mayfair

When I was a little girl my Nana used to tell me stories before I went to bed. My favourite story was on how she met Granddad. It was during the war and Granddad was stationed in a really fashionable district in London, Mayfair it was called. He was only a young lad at the time. Imagine that! Now he’s old and wiry, with a white moustache. Anyhow. It was 1939 and the War had just begun. It was sad times. Nana’s Mum and Dad had been killed in an auto accident in the spring. With no other relatives in Ireland, her Auntie Rose from England came to fetch her and bring her back to her place. Well, it wasn’t quite her place: the place she called home was one of the most exquisite Mayfair hotels.
During tea times, Nana and Auntie liked to watch people hustling by on the street below. They would make up stories about who the people were and where they were going: “that lady with the baby carriage is on her way to kiss her beloved farewell at the train station. Do you see the tears streaming down her face?” Nana would say to her Auntie. “Ah, for the love of young hearts,” her Auntie would say.
One day Nana would become part of one of those stories. One of Auntie’s suitors was over for tea, and Nana decided to go for a stroll. She could imagine Auntie sitting in the window above with her gentleman friend, watching her as a young officer stopped to ask her for directions to a one of the hotels in Mayfair. It was the same one Auntie and Nana stayed at. Nana looked up, and sure enough, Auntie twinkled in the window.

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