Don’t Forget The Lampshades, Dear!

Having nice and dust-free home is something, that we all dream of. In order to achieve that goal you have to go around with the dust brush more often, simply because, dust accumulates real quick. By regularly I mean at least once a week, but it won’t hurt if you do that more frequently.

One of the tricky stuff to take care of, while home cleaning, are the lampshades. You probably have such in your living room and the bedroom, as well. For starters, lampshades can be dusted with a soft brush or with the help of the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, in case you got one, of course. Another good alternative of that, is to remove the shade and with the use of a damp duster or a sponge to collect the dust from the surface. In my opinion that is the better way, simply because more stubborn dust will come out more easily. The fringe of the lampshade is another thing you should be extremely careful with. Be gentle and use a barely damp cloth. It should be more like touching the area, than rubbing. At the very end, when you are all done, take the hair dryer and get the shade dry. Don’t hold the hair drier too close or the hot air might cause changes in the shade’s form.

Cleaning at home should be done not only with love and desire, but with passion as well, and a lot of care too. Managing cleanliness at a whole another level means, that you have to start with little things first, like the lampshades, for instance. Serious tasks could be given to someone else, like a professional cleaners. Those guys know how to deal with tough jobs and there is nothing, that could stop them. As a matter of fact, it’s a widespread practice to use professional cleaning help for all kind of situations. Carpet cleaning, spring and one-off, end of lease cleaning Melbourne as heavily populated area, provides and delivers, basically everything.

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