Do You Want to Remove Smoke Odour from Your Home?

Are you a smoker? Or may be another member of your family is one? But does the tobacco smoke irritates you? Do you want to get rid of it and to have again this fresh scent which you haven’t smell since you lighted your first cigarette?

As you’ve already noticed, most of the commercial odour neutralizers don’t really work. The majority of them just give off nice scent which mixes with the cigarette smoke and the result of all this is that your home smells even worse. What could be done then?

Don’t lose heart, there is still some hope. Many people make a great mistake thinking that they have to get rid only of the odour. Actually, if you want to cope successfully with this situation, you should remove the cause. Yes, it would be good if you stop smoking but I mean that you should clean the cigarette stains. Exactly these spots are the reason for the bad odour in your house and even professional cleaners London would tell you to begin with them. The biggest problem is that it’s not so easy to notice these stains because they cover all surfaces and create a thin layer over walls and upholstery. How to remove them?

1. Cleaning with ammonia

Ammonia is a great natural cleaner which could carry almost any stain off. All you should do is to make a solution of half a cup of ammonia and a litre water. Rub with this liquid your upholstery and let it dry.

2. Steam cleaning

This service could be provided by all cleaners London and it combines stain and odour removing. If you use this method, you will able to carry this problem off just for few minutes.

3. Eliminating odour with charcoal

Regular charcoal is the perfect solution if you want to get rid of any odour (including cigarette one). You should only leave an open bag of it in the affected room for few days. You will find out that all smells were absorbed.

4. Cleaning with vinegar

This powerful cleaner should be mentioned too. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl and blot it all over your upholstery. Soon the vinegar smell will disappear taking off the cigarette one.

It’s not so difficult to get rid of cigarette odour, isn’t it? But remember that if you want to do it forever, after you clean the house you should either stop smoking or just do it outside.

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