Do You Dare to Move in Together?

At what stage is your relationship? Do you feel that it’s high time you packed your belongings and began to live together with your partner? Most people wouldn’t even muse on that and would answer immediately with yes. But let’s spend a couple of minutes and discuss what would be the consequences of such a choice.

Moving in together, itself, is not so difficult – you’ll just hire a good moving company London and relocation experts will take care of everything else. They’ll pack your and your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s belongings and will transport them to your new home so this is not such a big deal. But it’s a bit more interesting what will happen after that. Will you be able to get used with your partner’s habits and live happily or this will be the end of your relationship?

Living with another person is not easy because you have to think not only about yourself but also for somebody else. And that’s more difficult than it seems… Will you be able to get used that he spends every night in front of the TV watching football? Wouldn’t you mind that she spends average 1 hour and 30 minutes in front of the mirror just to go to a local shop and buy a loaf of bread? At first sight that may seems as a trifling detail but you shouldn’t forget that exactly such small problems have ruined many relationships.

But if you think that you’re sure that it wouldn’t be a problem to get over these things, you have to sort another common issue out – personal space. Many couples find it difficult to keep their personal space after they’ve decided to take advantage of removal services London and move in together. If you want to handle this obstacle, you have to learn that living together doesn’t mean that you have to spend every single minute with each other. Everyone needs some time for himself/herself – to go out with friends for a beer, to visit a spa centre, to read a rook or just do nothing…

Are you still so convinced that you want to move in together with your partner? Do you dare to do it?

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