Do Never Live Here: Most Toxic Places on Earth 2

China, Linfen

This is one of the most polluted cities on Earth. Soot and smog from cars and industrial factories pollute the air 24 hours a day. People there say that when you hang the laundry outside it will turn black before drying.

Tenancy cleaning in such polluted places is very difficult and impossible, but you need to keep you home clean and keep safe your and your families health. Here are some more places, where you do not want to live.

Indonesia, Citarum River

This is the world’s most polluted river, known to men. About 5 million people who live aound the river, rely on its flow for their water supply.

Brazil, Rondonia

This is one of the most deforested areas on Earth, which is surprising, because Rondonia is a region of the Amazon rain forest, in north-west Brazil. To make room for cattle ranching, thousands of acres of forest have been burned and slashed, recent years.

India, Yamuna River

This river flows through Delhi and is the largest tributary of the Ganges river. About 58 percent of the cities around the river throw their trash directly into the river. However, millions of people who live near the river rely on these murky, dirty waters for washing, drinking and waste desposal.

Russia, Lake Karachay

According to Worldwatch Institute, which made a research about nuclear waste, Karachay is the most toxic place, world wide. The radiation level, these days, is so high that just an hour of exposure can cause death.


Once Haiti was a lovely green place, covered with forests. Nowadays, only two percent of the entire country has trees. Almost all trees has been cleared right up to there borders. And the last earthquake worse the environment situation.

Zambia, Kabwe

After years of processing and mining, cadmium and lead soak the hills of the Kabwe. Children who live here exceed acceptable limits of lead from five to ten times, and the ground is so polluted that nothing can be grown at these forgotten places on Earth.

India, Vapi

Vapi is dumping place for chemicals and toxins from all kinds, this southern town is placed at the end of a 400-kilometer-long belt of Industrial estates and factories. Here the levels of mercury in the water are almost 100 percent higher than safe levels, permitted in the country. Here heavy metals navigates the air.

Believe it or not, pollution is all around us, even the space contains copious amounts of it. We have to start to think more about the planet and find out a way to keep it clean and safe, to learn how call end of tenancy cleaners services.

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