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Nowadays, with thousands industrial factories placed all over the world that are polluting the environment daily, it is very hard to find an unaffected by man-made development. People let things to go terribly wrong before taking action to keep the platen clean.

Here is a list of some of the most toxic places on Earth. I found them in a professional tenancy cleaning magazine.

Ukraine, Chernobyl

As most of us know, this is the home of Chernobyl disaster of 1986. This town is in northern Ukraine and it is notorious that this is the place where the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, happen. Now the town and the whole area around it, is uninhabitable and unsafe, because of the vast radioactive contamination.

The North Pacific Gyre

An island of trash, mostly made up of plastic debris, circulated by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre, in the Pacific Ocean, this island is twice bigger than Texas and is continuing growing. You can notice the trash as deep as thirty feet below the surface of the ocean.

Russia, Dzerzhinsk

Dzerzhinsk is thought to be the most toxic polluted city in the world. In 2003 the death rate was 260 percent over the birth rate. Between 1930 and 1998, more than 300 000 tons of chemical-based products were dumped here.

Argentina, Riachuelo Basin

In Argentina the name of Riachuelo Basin is connected with pollution. Around 4000 factories operate along the river. But also in this area there are 13 slums, where live a lot of people. There are also several illegal sewage pipes, coming from the factories, they are running directly into the water. There are 42 garbage dumps, placed all over the area.

Peru, La Oroya

At first thought this sounds like a lovely mining town in the Peruvian Andes. But because of all the soot that covers that small town, children there have blood levels that exceed acceptable limits for lead poisoning.

To prevent this to happen to our town we need to keep save the environment, to do this learn how to clean green. Ask for help end of tenancy cleaners services. They will give you more information about the polluted places and how to avoid this at home.

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