Do Lumineers Need any Dental Preparation?

Lumineers are a special brand of dental veneers that use Cerinate porcelain, an ultra-thin, reinforced ceramic that is pressed into the proper shape to restore or enhance the appearance of teeth. Cerinate porcelain has incredible tensile strength that allows Lumineers to be made just a fifth of a millimeter thick, which is as thin as contact lenses. Lumineers generally need little or no preparation before application, which makes them a remarkably comfortable, highly reversible dental restoration. Only a certified Lumineers dentist can apply Lumineers. These dentists must undergo an extensive training process prior to get certified.

Traditional dental veneers require enamel removal, contrary to Lumineers, which are ideal for use on individuals with worn enamel because of their no-prep design. They can also be used to restore teeth that have been fractured, chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged. Lumineers can even be used on existing dental crowns or bridgework. However, some individuals may need slight preparation, particularly if they have severely discolored because darker stains may be more susceptible to bleeding through the ultra-thin porcelain of the Lumineers. Individuals may also need some preparation if they have large teeth or nested teeth.

If you are a candidate for Lumineers, the process can be fast and easy. Because no preparation is necessary, there will be no need for shots or drilling. No healthy tooth structure will need to be changed, which means the procedure can be more comfortable and pain-free. You will not need temporary dental veneers while you are waiting for your new smile, and they can be placed in as few as two dental visits. Your dentist will start by analyzing your smile. Dental impressions and images will be taken so that the dental laboratory can craft your Lumineers. At your next appointment, your dentist will apply an etching liquid that will roughen the enamel of your teeth so that they can form a strong, secure bond with the Lumineers.

Maintaining your new Lumineers can be as easy as maintaining your own natural teeth. Simply brush twice daily, floss at least once daily and visit your dentist every six months. For individuals who grind their teeth, a night guard may be needed in order to help reduce the risks to both your teeth and your new Lumineers. Long-term studies on Lumineers show show that they can last more than 20 years, and the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty that guarantees they will be replaced at no charge to the patient if they are damaged, broken or lost.

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