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Cleaning at home has always been an adventure for me. And I’m going to tell you why. Because I clean with home made remedies most of the time. Which means a lot of experiments with various combinations and proportions. This is what makes the whole thing more exciting. Of course, sometimes I need more sophisticated type of help, more professional in other words. For heavy-duty jobs it’s good to use such services. For instance end of lease cleaning Melbourne has on offer is one situation where the experiments have no place.

One of the remedies, that I often use is white vinegar, undiluted. It works great for hard water deposits removing or build up scum in the bathroom. One area it could be cleaned with the help of vinegar is the toilet bowl. For that purpose you will need to force the water out of the bowl first. Simply pour a bucket full of water in the bowl. That usually does the trick. After that is done pour undiluted vinegar all over the surface and scrub with the toilet brush. Vinegar removes not only stains, but bad odour too. In addition, to remove more stubborn stains you can add pumice stone. Another critical part you can clean with vinegar is the shower head. Usually a lot of mineral deposits build up there. All you need to do is to soak the shower head in clear vinegar. Detach the head and place it in a container filled with vinegar, let it stay like that over a night. The next morning rinse and all the lime scale is gone.

White vinegar also works as a great natural fabric softener. Simply add one tablespoon to the final rinse cycle, just like you do with a fabric softener.

As you can see, vinegar could be used basically everywhere for different purposes. Besides the fact, that is one irreplaceable cooking ingredient, white vinegar cleans pretty good too. Cleaning services Melbourne has to offer is another alternative to all the hard work at home. They don’t clean with vinegar, of course, they use far more sophisticated formulas to do that.

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  1. Lanny James

    Fantastic recipe, i will try it with my wife tonite. Hope i get it right! Cheers

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