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Hard water could be a reason for many stains around your bathroom. It may look almost impossible to remove them without hiring professional cleaners London. Actually if you know the right way to clean hard water stains, you could manage and yourself with this common issue.

Hard water contains many dissolved minerals as calcium and magnesium. They could easily build-up on tiles, sinks or shower doors. All purpose cleaners are not able to remove hard water stains and it is not acceptable to scrub them with hard brush because you would damage the rest of the surface, so what could you do? You have two main alternatives – to do it yourself or to hire professional cleaners London.

Let’s see how you could remove hard water stains yourself. The most effective way is to mix baking soda and vinegar. This simple solution could make miracles! All you should do is to take a bowl (try to avoid metal ones) and put some baking soda inside. Pour vinegar until you get paste. Use a sponge and apply this mixture over the hard water stain. Leave it at least for 15 minutes. In this way baking soda and vinegar would be able to loosen the stain. Use wet cloth to wipe out the mixture and dry the surface. Check carefully if you still could notice any traces. Sometimes backing soda and vinegar are not able to remove completely hard water build-ups and you would need to take another measures. For stubborn hard water stains you could use cream top-stove cleaner. Apply it with sponge and let it dry. At the end wipe away and should be nothing left of the stain.

The other option which you have is just use professional cleaners London. This is the easiest and most effective way to rid out of any grime. You could rely that they would be able to cope even with such stains as hard water ones.

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