Different Types of Conference Calling Services

Nowadays, the business sector totally depends on the technological progress. Because of that, modern communication technologies and devises are an irreplaceable part of the business world. However, every company has to select the best way of communication for its working purposes. For instance, some businesses prefer to use VoIP technology, other just use different mobile services and there are also companies that are followers of the conference calling alternatives. In that train of thoughts, let me share some information about different types of conference calling services, in order to pick the most convenient one for your business needs:
1. Flat-rate Conference Calling – In this type of conferencing, the clients have to pay a fixed monthly fee to the telecommunication supplier. Usually, in this case the users have the right to have unlimited access to one conference number or bridge. Also, some telecommunication carriers provide packages that cover the costs of some long distance conference calls.
2. Prepaid Service – Prepaid conference call service is such service that you can buy online. In this case, you will be given an unique PIN number which allows you to establish or participate in a phone conference. Another benefit is that such conference calling services provide to their customers chances to use prepaid conferencing without buying a special equipment. That is because prepaid conference calling is suitable for ordinary landline phones, cell phones and computers too.
3. Free Conferencing or free audio conference call service became really popular among business areas, for the last few years. That type of conference calling gives to its users opportunities to make free local conference calls. However, if you want to make a long distance conference call, you have to pay for it. Usually, with free conferencing the number of your calls and participants are limited. However, because of the huge competition there are some telecommunication carriers that offer to their customers an unlimited number of free conference calls and about 1,000 participants. Moreover, some companies allow users to make an international conference call without paying extra charges. Also, using free conference call services, many companies both minimize their expenses and improve their business relations.

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