Did you clean the bathtub?

Many people just love to lay down in bathtub, full with hot water with millions of bubbles… It is just the perfect place to relax, isn’t it? Does your new apartment or house have a bathtub? Probably you just can’t wait to shift all your belongings and to fill the bath but… did you miss to do something before that? What about move in cleaning? Did you do it and did you clean good the bathtub? At the end of the day surely you wouldn’t want to lay in one dirty bathtub…

Bathtub is one of the first things that you should clean during the move in cleaning. It could contain old traces of soap, lime-scale or just some stubborn stains. All you should do is to remove them carefully. You could buy proper detergent from the shop or to use home made solution.

There are few good mixtures which you could do by yourself and which could remove everything. One of the solutions could be washing liquid with water. This could be good cleaning material, all you should do is to leave it for 15 minutes and then scrub the dirt. Rinse carefully and you’ll have good results. Another solution which you could use is to make paste of baking soda and water. This will remove all the mild and mildew and even some odours. Vinegar mixed with water is perfect disinfectant and perfectly remove the scum.

During the move in cleaning you should take care for all the surfaces and especially for the bathroom. Good done cleaning would provide you one good and healthy environment.

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