Diamond Cleaning Tips

It is Christmas time and the traditions say that we have to gift our relatives, friends and colleagues. This tradition is not very old, but it was easily accepted by the people, because everybody loves to receive gifts and all the traders make some very good money on that. However, if you want to gift something really expensive and worthy, you can gift an old diamond ring or bracelet. Take the old jewel of your grandmother and gift it to your wife. This is something really expensive, with serious meaning and with big history, which makes it even worthier.

However, in order for the present to look well, you will need to clean it, so here are some tips on diamond cleaning.

Mix mild dish washing detergent and water and dip the diamond inside and let it stay for about 3 to 4 minutes. After which, grab a brush with soft bristles and start brushing very gently. Do not be afraid though, the diamond is among the toughest materials in the world, so you will not damage it in any way.

Rinse with water and pat with soft, clean cloth.

Another way to do that is to take a bowl and to put some cleaning powder in it. Again dip several times and then leave it in the mixture for about 5 minutes. After that take the jewellery out and clean it with soft, clean cloth.

The last method needs you to make a solution out of ammonia and water in ratio 1 to 6, dip the jewellery and brush with soft brush again.

However, there are many other things that you can give as cleaning vouchers, for example. They are very cheap and guarantee best possible cleaning result to the person who owns them. So, if you do not know what to give, but you are sure that you want to give something nice and worthy, call cleaners Malden Rushett and buy cleaning vouchers. These guys are very good which guarantees you good quality of the service.

So, cleaners Manor House or old jewellery. Two wonderful alternatives.

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