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Mozambique is an important country of the African continent. It is a very beautiful country with all of the natural charm stored in its charming cities. One of its amazing cities is called as “Maputo” which is the capital city of Mozambique. This city is also the largest city of Mozambique as is the tradition in African cities. You will see this pattern in almost all countries that the capital city is always the largest one. Though this does not suggest that being larger makes it better, it is just the pattern of how things work here. The tree called Acacia is found in abundance in here so the city is often nick named as the acacia city.

There is a wide expanse of beautiful sea in this city. The calm of the sea waves is such a soother that you forget everything else when you walk alone on the early morning sands enjoying the breeze and the cool. All the while there is musical chirpings of birds all around you. Such is the exuberance of the city. Today, this city is known to be a pearl of Indian Ocean and rightly so. It is indeed as beautiful and serene as a pearl. It is also the port of the same. The economy is now completely centered over the harbor, it being a port. Not only does there is a very high export revenue rate in the city but also the manufacturing industries are thriving here with the production of cement, rubber, furniture etc. also another remarkable industry here is the Iron smelting industry. That smelting plant is called as the “Mozal”. Although the province of Maputo surrounds the city but it is independent as a separate province and functions as such. This charming city is located just near the western border of Maputo Bay.

The damaged infra structure of the old architecture is not being given much of importance here. The investors prefer to stake their money on the more promising business of investing in new infrastructures rather than re generating the corpses back to life. There is no reincarnation going on. Really. The more the investments climb up, the more the property rates increase. The culture of Maputo is influenced by Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and Arab culture. Specially cuisines are influenced by Arabic and Islamic culture as well as Portuguese culture. Sea food is also prominent delicacy in Maputo. Architecture and art has been in spotlight for few years in Maputo. Many famous architects from all over the world contributed in the now built structures of the city. There are masterpieces by eminent architects all over the city. Central train station is an example of the European architecture with its modern style. Modern designs can be seen in the city. Hotel Polana is another example of the modern architectural designs in Maputo. Art, film and cinema have a lot of importance in the Maputo culture. Local film industry shows movies based on socialist ideologies in which family structure is shown as the most important.

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