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You may have heard something about Equatorial Guinea which is somewhere near the north Coast of African Island known as Bioko Island. There is a gaunt and depressed kind of volcano located just besides it and the island rests on the mouth of the said volcanic structure. Malabo is the capital city of The Equatorial Guinea and the hugest city in the space size and consensus. The island has a complete separate kind of ethnic diversity all together. The island itself was leased out by the British government and it originally belonged to the Spanish government. That was the colonial period of course. Where the taking over and attacks were taking place every where. This city was once even compromised to be a naval station.

There were a lot of slaves living in this place who were given freedom recently. A major of these slaves left the place later and moved on to other destinations but many of the descendants are still living in the place. They have settled here, had kids here and their whole life has a deep meaning around the boundaries of this city. The roots are deep rooted for the local people and they cannot forget the place. The name for these descendants is “Fernandinos”. There was a time when the total control stayed within the Spanish government and the name Malabo was not yet coined for the port and it was than named as Santa Isabel. The name Malabo was given in the year of 1973 where a lot of other cities were renamed as well. Malabo has also faced a lot of serious dark times that will always hang over the sky blanket of Malabo no matter how many years pass by. That was known as the reign of terror by the people of Malabo. The climate of Malabo is a mid ranged fiercely wet one. The rainy season is really a very elongated one by staying for at least nine months with 1800 ml of water pouring in per year.

Malabo has been affected economically by the discovery of oil. It produces oil to about 360,000 barrels per day which is now a major industry and export of the city. But looking at the living conditions of the people, it is clear that most of the income generated from the export of oil and petroleum products is not being used in the development of the people of Malabo. The road structure is very old and poorly constructed. There are few paved roads in the city. Most of the roads are named after colonial times of American invasion. Many buildings of the city are also of Spanish origin owing to the Spanish colonial era. The Malabo airport has been recently developed to cater to the expanding trade needs between parts of the world and Malabo. Cathedrals, government buildings and court buildings are the notable architecture of the city. There are some notable hotels in the city as well catering to the rising need of trade and international business.

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