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Lagos is the largest and most advanced city of Africa providing the highest living standard in the continent.Lagos is the port and most populous city of Nigeria. It is the third highly populated city and is the 2nd fastest growing city of Africa. It is the financial and economic hub of Nigeria. The city is divided into many districts and islands. The mainland is joined by islands through bridges. The mainland holds the major residential and industrial buildings of the city. The national stadium, theatre, airport and Lagos University are situated in mainland. The greater Lagos includes a number of districts. The two major urban islands in Lagos are Lagos Island and Victoria Island. Lagos Island is the business district of the city. The island houses commercial zone and high rising buildings of the city. National museum, central mosque, memorial hall and cathedral are also located in this island. Ikoyi is situated on the eastern side of the island and holds a sparkling nightlife. Famous hotels, cafes, bars, golf resort, recreational park and restaurants are present on this side of the island.

This side has become the locality for the upper class in the recent years. Victoria Island is home to company headquarters, entertainment centers, shopping centers and beach. Eko Atlantic City is the new city which is currently under construction. It is being constructed on the land reclaimed from Atlantic Ocean by filling the area with sand. The city is expected to satisfy the expanding needs of the city. The new constructed city will have a properly planned infrastructure, waste management, security and transport system. The city experiences tropical savanna climate with heavy rainfall seasons twice a year. Average temperatures remain quite high throughout the year. Winter is very mild with the lowest temperature reaching to 23C.The highest temperature in summer reaches around32C. The moderate temperature and heavy rains makes it desirable for development of flora and fauna. Lagos is the most prosperous city of Nigeria. The commercial and economic activities are concentrated in the business district of the island. Headquarters of major companies are located in this city. The city has the highest standard of living than in any city of Africa. The city exports crude oil and petroleum through its port which provides the 14% of GDP and 90% of foreign exchange to the country.

The city houses the major schools, colleges and universities of the country. Basic education is compulsory till nine years. Government and private run institutes hold major degrees. The universities include Pan-African University, The University of Lagos, Lagos State University, National Open University, Lagos College of Medicine and many more. Some polytechnic colleges like Yaba College of Technology, Federal College of Fisheries and Marine technology and others have been providing technical education to students. Lagos is famous for its music and film industry. There are a number of music styles like hip hop, Highlife, Fuji and Afrobeat which are popular in the city. The city is also a center of Nigerian film industry called Nollywood, although its popularity is decreasing and cinemas usually show Indian or Western movies as they are gaining popularity increasingly.

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