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Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe has the population of 2 million. It was founded in 1890. It was named Harare when in 1980 it gained independence from the British before that it was called Salisbury. Harare is a cosmopolitan capital, with an independent nature. The city is surrounded by suburbs some of which are Avondale, Belgravia, Groombridge, Gun Hill; Kensington, Pomona, Quinnington, Rhodesville, St. Andrews Park, Strathaven, Sunridge and Sunrise. It has an ideal climate and a pleasant atmosphere that supports a natural vegetation of open woodland. The city’s major trades and manufactures are for tobacco, maize, cotton, citrus fruits, textiles, steel, and chemicals. Some of its trademarks are Borrowdale Race Course, Rufaro Stadium , Sam Nujoma Street and Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Harare. It is neighbor to the cities Nottingham( United Kingdom), Munich (Germany), Prato (Italy), Lago (Italy). Harare has been the location of a number of international summits. In 1998 Harare was the host city of the 8th Assembly of the World Council of Churches. It also hosted some of the matches of 2003 Cricket World Cup.

It is a bright and beautiful city with interesting buildings, many of which display a unique architectural style, wide thoroughfares, numerous parks and gardens and streets lined with flowering trees To get the best view of the city, Kopje, a granite hill rising above the south-west corner of central Harare is the place to go. From there you can see the large open spaces like the 68ha National Botanic Garden and the Mukuvisi Woodlands. The city has a strong culture. It is reflected in the number of museums and galleries all around Harare. National gallery collects valuable collections and has a superb collection of stone carved sculptures. Chapungu Sculpture Park also exhibits a variety of stone carvings by various artists done on the common black stone found in Zimbabwe.

It has a good infrastructure, making it a pleasure for holiday or to do business in. Minibuses, railway and buses owned by private sector make up a good transportation system in Harare. Harare international airport connects the city to rest of the world. Harare has developed in recent years into a sounder economic hub. We see explosion of media and information in the city. Electronic media has boomed and newspapers have become powerful attractions for readers. City also has played host to various summits, commonwealth meetings, African games, and cricket world cup. US Dollar is the currency of Zimbabwe. Local handmade things are good purchases specially baskets, clothing and small traditional items. Flea markets are best to search for traditional handmade things. Unemployment rate of Harare is very high. The population explosion has made a tough competition world. It is said to be the toughest city to live in. Harare is famous for its music. Cafes bring forward talents by giving variety of music throughout the week. African Jazz is traditional music in Harare. Though this city is quite beautiful and sunny but it is said that the real charm of the city stems from its laid back atmosphere.

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