Dangerous Products

Here are some products that are not recommended to be kept in our homes.

No matter how much effort you spend in your household maintenance there are always risks of dangerous toxins. Some of the products we usually use in our daily home cleaning and maintenance can be really harmful. So, here is a list of such products.

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  • Insecticides and herbicides. - Do you know that their purpose is to kill pests? This means that these products contain really harsh chemicals. The bad thing here is that these chemicals are harmful not only for the pests but for humans as well. That is why a better idea is to use the environmental alternatives like the bread-beer trap against slugs.
  • Antibacterial products. - More and more people start using antibacterial products as the big cities go dirtier and dirtier. The bad thing is that some of the microorganisms begin to resist to such detergents which means that we just pollute the environment without killing any germs. The cleaners from professional cleaning services, say that antibacterial products may affect children’s immune system. And you know that a perfect cleanliness is not so healthy. Try to reduce the amount of antibacterial cleaners you use in your daily life replacing them with the simple soap and water solution.
  • Chemical fertilizers. - We often use them in our gardens for food, flowers etc. This way the some part of the fertilizers goes into the plants and other part goes to the water with the rains, which leads to imbalance in brittle ecosystems killing fishes and polluting the water. If you have a garden you can think of a replacement with eco-friendly alternatives, like composting.
  • Air fresheners. - These are similar to the cleaning detergents as they contain toxic chemicals. No matter of the type of the air freshener – aerosols, candles, sticks etc. they can really damage the respiratory system especially of the children. Better consider using environmentally friendly alternatives like the essential oils. Add a few drops to a bowl of warm water and your air freshener is ready. On the other hand a cup of baking soda is a perfect deodorizer as it absorbs odours and neutralizes them.
  • Plastic bags. - End of tenancy cleaning experts say that these may last forever. Plastic bags don’t degrade in the environment. Maybe this wouldn’t be so big problem if they weren’t used so widely but we all know how many plastic bags we have in our homes. The alternatives of the plastic bags are the fabric ones and gaining popularity biodegradable bags.

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