Dallas Printers Need a Lot of Big Things

Commercial printing companies are big operations per se. But if you are talking about Dallas printing companies, then most of them are bigger than the rest of the commercial printers in the United States. And when we say big, it is not just the gross sales or the net profit that we are talking about. When you go inside DFW Printing Companies and take a tour, you will understand why.

It seems that everything in a printing company is super-sized. You will realize how big the operation is when we itemized the departments. Looking at the front office of a printer can be misleading because it could just be a small, one-door rented space. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. What you do not see is way bigger than its quant façade.

The Big Printing Machines and Equipment
Commercial printers are really huge machineries because of the many things that are all running together simultaneously. A single printing unit could sit up so many square meters of floor area. The more complicated the machine, the bigger it becomes. There are even commercial printers can stand two-stories high! It really depends on the printer’s capacities.

But you have to realize that even the simplest printers already take up so much space. And since a printing business would have at least two printing machines, then you will have to have ample space to house them. And they are not like boxes that you can lump together, you should have free spaces around it as well as proper ventilation.

Aside from the printers, the commercial printer should also at least have two industry-grade cutters. And these are really big, too, like those printing machines themselves. In some modern machines the cutter is already embedded in the printing machine. So after printing, the material is then cut.

With the printers and cutters in the production area, there are also smaller machines in other parts of the printing office. There are computers for office use and also for design purposes. Then there are scanners, fax machines, and color separation machines. There is just a lot of electric, electronic, digital, and manual equipment and machines needed in running a printing company.

Labor Costs
While machines are also needed, the printing company could not be fully mechanized. The workforce may have been reduced but not drastically. People are still needed to run the company, to face clients, and also to do layouts. People are needed to operate the machines, to cut and trim papers, and to apply the finishing requirements. And to run all these personnel smoothly, there is the administration department that manages everything and then the finance department that controls the ins and outs of money in the company. That is why labor costs in a Dallas company are so high.

Floor Area
With all the equipment, machines, and people, it would be best to house them all together so that they can all work efficiently. It would be hard to have the office in one area, the layout and creative in another area, and the bigger production area in another part of town. That would waste a lot of resources, but most especially time.

Dallas Printing Companies are dealing with a lot of orders every day and therefore they need to streamline their operations under one roof. After all that was detailed above, you would realize why a commercial printing company is big business. So the next time you deal with DFW Printing Companies, you have a better perspective of the company that you are dealing with.

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