Curtain and Drape Maintenance

You wonder how to maintain the appearance of your household curtains or drapes – take a look at the tips below and upgrade your cleaning routine.

-    Some fabrics tend to fade quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. The darker the fabric is, the more light it will absorb and the quicker it will fade. Therefore to slow down the fading process mount some blinds or shades on your windows.

-    The daily maintenance routine of drapes is simple, just shake them every morning when you wake up to prevent dust and dirt particles to sink deeper into the drape fibers. The monthly routine is even simpler. Vacuum the drapes with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Choose the lowest setting possible while vacuuming.

-    Before laundering the drapes make sure to read their instructions label carefully, as some drape fabrics require dry-cleaning only. For example suede drapes cannot be washed as water will damage their delicate fabric. If that is your case seek a cleaning firm that offers suede dry cleaning as a service in their portfolio. On the other hand if your drapes can be washed, it is better to hand-wash them with a mild detergent in cool water. When you are done washing rinse the drapes gently and hang them so that they could dry properly.

-    Just like with the drapery make sure to read the instruction tag of your curtains. If your curtains can be washed, begin by removing the hooks or rings so that the curtains are free of any additional accessories. Set the laundry machine to use cool water at a short gentle cycle, and pour mild detergent into the soap container. The drying of the curtains is analogical to the drying process for drapes. Once dried you can iron your curtains if necessary. However if your curtains don’t allow washing, take them to a cleaning firm that offers various services for fabric cleaning such as velvet cleaning, leather cleaning, suede cleaning and etc.

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