Create Great Inserts Now

Insert printing can instantly help your company boost sales.  Create those simple but great inserts now by following these steps:

1) Search for Professionals is the number one thing you need to do.

They are important because they are profess

ionals and they can do everything much faster and way better than you can.

• Designer
A designer always knows what looks great and what doesn’t.  The particular designer you are looking for should also know what would attract a particular group of people; the designer should know or at least have a little information in sales and marketing.  Check what the designers have done lately and see if their recent projects are updated, in with the trend, has a variety of designs and can easily adapt and customize.

• Photographer
Your photographer is meant for the pictures you want to use in the inserts.  Look for photographers that are good in print media.  Have you ever wondered why the famous restaurants sell well? It’s because their pictures look very appetizing.  Have the same effect and search for a good photographer who can work with your budget and your needs.

• Printer
You are of course printing your inserts so make sure you look for a printer.  Your printer must be ultimately the best and the most reliable.  The first thing to look at is their service, how they talk to you because you will be talking to them from start to finish, so you need to know that they won’t snap at you if you have any complaints with the prints.  They must also give you a rate that is competitive if not cheap.  Go and talk to people who just had their service done and discreetly ask what they thought of the over all service.

2) Ready a budget
Open your wallet and be ready.  Don’t be stingy this is an investment for your company.  Make sure to research and check the actual rates of various printers in your area and compare the materials they will use.  If they are using the same thing and one’s rate is higher than the other then you know which one to choose right?

3) Map out your ideas

Make a mini sketch on how you want everything to look.  This will greatly assist your designer to picture out what is exactly going through your head especially if you are having difficulty expressing your ideas clearly.

• Colors
Colors attract, so make sure your colors attract the right type of people.  If you are targeting the more sophisticated individuals then might want to steer away from the very bright neon colors as they would most likely prefer pastel or soft tone colors.

• Font type
picking a font in this modern age is very difficult specially if you are very indecisive.  Stick with the more common ones that are easy to read unless you have a theme like Halloween and prefer to make it look like chiller.  Choose the less artsy and limited designed fonts so that it is easily understandable with any age range and eye grade.

• Font size
Having a very large font may not be able to squeeze in all your hard worked text so keep everything medium sized.  Do not make it tiny as well because people with weaker vision may have some difficulty reading it.

4) Finalize and have those inserts printed now.
Make sure you clarify with your printer the final rate (including tax and service fees if there are any), the expected number of prints, the intensity of the colors, the materials to be used and the deadline.

Insert printing can make or break you.  Make, because they can give you good sales if people like what they see or break you because your inserts may not put you in a good light and several of your targets just might remember you as that – a not so good company.

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