Crazy Uses of Coke, That Actually Do Not Work

Coke may be very useful when knowing how to use it the right way. It can work miracles in kitchen and when doing the domestic cleaning. However there are some cases, when using Coca-Cola is a waste of time and money, according to the amount of Coke that you use. Here are some of these moments, when Coke is thought to work miracles, but in fact, it is useless.

Curling hair – it is believed, that you can curl your hair with Coke. To do that, before washing your hair, you need to drench it with two cans of Coke, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then wash it as usual. At first, it looks like this method is working, but in fact it is not. As soon as your hair starts to air dry, the kinks will be gone.

Cleaning blood stains – pour one can of Coke over a blood stained clothe, wait for a couple of minutes, the blood will not be gone. It might be written somewhere, that you can clean blood stains with Coke but the truth is that you cannot. It is better to use other types of homemade house cleaners.

Cleaning a coffee pot – some people also believe that you can use Coca-Cola to clean a bit of a build up in your coffee pot. To do this, you should pour a can of a Coke in the pot and let it stay there for one whole day. This will be a waste of time, you will see a slight difference but you will be disappointed.

Cleaning tile grout – the next thing that you can try to clean with Coke is grout. It is thought that Coke can be a surprisingly big help on a stubborn stain in the grout in our laundry. Pour some Coke on the spot and wait for no more than ten minutes. You have a 50/50 chance for the stain to be gone. It depends on the fabric and the type of the stain that you are dealing with, during the domestic cleaning.

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