CPU and Heat Sink Cleaning Solutions

We all have computers and as you might know the proper care for these machines, means higher speeds of running, quieter room and longer technical life, so what you will have to do is to give your real best for the after buying maintenance of the computer. This means that once a month you can open the case of the computer, clean it properly with tools that I will mention later, apply some special layer of coverage and close it after that.

Here is how this can and should happen.

You can start your computer cleaning from the fan of the CPU. This is the main source of cool air for your machine, so it is not surprise that there the main part of the dust builds up.
Unscrew the fan and take in your hand. Usually this is very easy and you should not have any problems. However, be careful not to lose the screws, or to change their places. They are the same size, but this does not mean that they will fit perfectly in other holes. So, be careful where you put them and try to remember their exact old places. Once these removed, continue with the actual cleaning. For the purpose you will need two things – a can of air under pressure and an old toothbrush. The second one you will need for more stubborn dust build ups and when they are gone, you can clean the little details and places that are harder to reach with the air. It would be better for you if you wear a mask, because the air will not be very suitable for breathing during the cleaning.

You can continue with cleaning the CPU heat sink. For this procedure again, you will need some compressed air and the cleaning brush. The procedure is absolutely the same, so we do not need to repeat it.

So, with cleaning only these two parts of the computer, there will be more cool air for the CPU and this will help it working better and more silent.

However, if you think of cleaning the whole house, you’d better hire cleaners Lower Holloway for the job. They know what and how to clean in order for you to have best results and for longer period of time.

So, do not hesitate but call cleaners Lower Sydenham if a major domestic cleaning procedure is what you are about to do.

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