Costumes for Halloween Scrooges

When Halloween rears its ugly, grinning Jack-o’-lantern head do you start groaning inwardly at the embarrassing prospect of dressing up for a party? Well, don’t; you’ll embarrass yourself far more if you attend and don’t dress up at all. Or you could just not go to any Halloween parties at all this year, but what kind of fun would that be? Well, there’s some good news, ladies and jellyspoons: there are ways you can dress up without looking completely ridiculous. Here’s a few ideas that I’ve brought back with me from when I went to volunteer in Latin America. They’re mainly ideas for couples who are, let’s say, a little less-than-enthusiastic about attending an upcoming Halloween party:

Cardiac arrest

One of you dresses up as a heart. It can be a typical, Valentine’s Day-style plush heart, or if you’re looking for something a little more gruesome or visceral, then maybe you’ll want to dress up as an actual heart complete with aortae and spurting red stuff. The other half dresses up as a cop, which can work well for either half of the couple. For instance, the man might like to look like a burly, tough guy-style cop, whereas the woman might want to do something a little kinkier. Once the hand cuffs are on the heart, the visual pun is complete.

Butterfly catcher

One of you dresses as a butterfly, complete with fake, diaphenous wings and antennae on springs. These things are usually pretty easy to find, and if your kids don’t own them already, you’ll be able to find them pretty easily in most kids’ shops. The other half, probably the half that wants to retain the most of their dignity, will dress as the butterfly catcher, of course. This involves wearing a short-sleeved khaki shirt and shorts, one of those British Victorian elephant-hunting hats, black boots and a net. The net is also a pretty funny thing to bring to a party itself.

Fortunately, the natives of Guatemala do take Halloween very seriously, and go absolutely crazy about the whole thing every year. I’ll be looking forward to joining them once again when I return to volunteer in Guatemala again this year.

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