Concrete Resurfacing: Transforming Countertops

Decorative concrete is perfect for any homeowner who is thinking of an exterior remodel, but even better for those who are attempting an interior remodel. Many people have found that incorporating a decorative concrete contractor to make their floor remodels come true has reaped great results. However, a concrete company can offer so much more than just decorated concrete floors. Homeowners all over have found that there is a growing potential for decorating countertops with decorative concrete and the skills of a decorative concrete company. In a kitchen or a bathroom, the main elements are the counters. Generally, if people want a new countertop, they think that their only option is tearing out the countertop and replacing it with a newer style.

Sometimes they change the height or size, and others times they do not. However, it has become reasonable to resurface existing counter tops in both bathrooms and kitchens everywhere. Using a concrete company and a decorative concrete contractor to resurface an existing countertop has become a growing fad. The look that concrete can create is exceptional and new finishes are being produced all the time.

When you are resurfacing an existing countertop in your bathroom or kitchen, your decorative concrete contractor will have the concrete poured in place and then install the countertop product. The counter top can then be colored to match new décor or a new paint job. You can also apply stamped concrete overlays or stencils to make grooves and decorative counter tops that mimic the appearance of natural materials such as wood, brick, slate, or marble.

If you are redoing your bathroom to mimic an ocean theme or a beachside cottage, you can apply a stamped concrete overlay or aggregate finish with buffed seashells integrated into the concrete. If you would prefer a mountain escape, then a colored finish can create varying hues of red that mimic the woodsy colors in your kitchen. There are great options to match any redecorating project and the flexibility is astounding. Being able to save time and money is important to all homeowners today.

This is why using a decorative concrete contractor and a concrete company to refinish your existing counter tops can prove very beneficial. You will reap large quantities of savings from not having to remove your existing counter tops and then replace them with expensive imported natural materials. It can be wasteful to simply throw out an old counter top when you could place the perfect-sized template atop the existing concrete and end up with a new look for your bathroom or kitchen. Any professional concrete company and decorative concrete contractor can show you have decorative elements and color patterns can create any look for your home.

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