Comparison of Steel and Wooden Garage Doors

As we all know that garage doors help us enhance our security, depending on person’s priority different people will go for different types of garage doors and the material used. Most common of which are steel and wood. The steel gates have been in this business ever since they were first introduced in the market. In the 1980’s these new sort of garage doors made up of wood were also introduced. These have a better outlook and are more in fashion these days. But keeping the security point of view you’ll like to go with the traditional solid steel gates. There are various special features which both of these offers.

The steel garage doors basically come in three forms which are single-layer garage, double-layer garage, and triple-layer garage doors. The single-layer garage doors comprises of single sheet of steel which has no such layer of insulation backing that sheet which means that it is the most cost effective and cheap steel garage door. Then comes the double-layered steel doors, which have a galvanized steel skin on the outside of it which improves its strength and improves its quality by an immense amount. These double-layered steel garage doors also have a layer of either polyurethane or polystyrene on the inside, for soundproofing and insulation. The third type of these steel garage doors are these triple-layer doors which are similar to double layer doors, but include an extra galvanized steel layer on their inside, to protect the insulation layer. These are the three types of the garage doors that are in the market. These are considered to be more efficient, cost and secure as compared to the garage doors made from other material. Whereas the wooden garage doors came in the market in the early 1980`s, the de-facto standard material for just about all domestic garage doors was wood. These wooden garage doors have long been among the most popular types of garage door available.

Even these days, with modern materials technology, many if not most people think wood garage doors are better for a number of reasons; style, quality and durability are some of the qualities why they prefer these wooden garage gates over others. But it has to be said, there are some areas where wood garage doors don’t stack up so well against the competition any more. These add to the beauty and style of your home is considered to be trendy these days. Whereas talking about the maintenance, the problem with the maintenance of steel doors is that they get rusted if not lubricated regularly and not taken care of. Whereas on the other hand wooden gates are proved a failure in areas where there are heavy rainfalls. Once the door gets wet with the rainy water it just won’t dry up that easily resulting in certain damages to the wood gate. In a nutshell, it really is dependent on the consumer preference to go with either one as different people have different priorities.

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