Cleaning Your Bins

What are bin cleaners and which are their eco-friendly alternatives?

Have you ever heard of special bin cleaners? Yes, with our determination of eradicate germs and smells, there are cleaning and deodorizing products for our bins. There are freshening gels, powders and even scented plastic liners offered on the market.

Antibacterial freshening products contain powerful biocides to kill germs and artificial fragrances to cover up bad smells. Scented plastic liners cover up smells with something more attractive. A typical bin deodorizing product contains biocides such as benzalkonium chloride and artificial fragrances.

End of tenancy cleaning experts say that benzalkonium chloride is an allergen, and several studies have cast doubt on its reputation for safety. Recommendations for some of these products include washing hands after use, avoiding contact with the eyes and getting medical attention if swallowed. Benzalkonium chloride has been shown to lead swelling of membranes and rhinitis. Scented bin liners contain artificial fragrances, some of which have been linked to a wide range of conditions from skin, nose and eye irritation to asthma, headaches and dizziness.

Nowadays, when green cleaning is gaining more and more popularity, you can find biodegradable bin liners in the supermarkets and household stores. These bags are usually made from some kind of starch, such as rice or potato. They save a build-up of plastic in the landfill because they decompose more quickly and are not made from oil, like most conventional plastic liners.

End of tenancy cleaning Islington specialists suggest you to think about where you can reuse other bags for your bins. Large rice sacks, old carrier bags or potato sacks are all ideal. Look at where you can reduce, reuse and recycle to put as little as possible into the landfill. Could you start recycling more or switch brands to products that come in less non-recyclable packaging? The less rubbish you create, the less maintenance your bins need.

If you rinse your bin out every time it is emptied with a mild solution of dishwashing liquid, a 50/50 cold water and vinegar mix or a mild soda crystals solution, this will prevent bad smells and bacteria building up. Try to keep liquid or oily waste out of your bins by reducing food waste so that your bin will not get so messy and dirty.

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