Cleaning Stains Is Next to Impossible For You? – Part 2

This method does not require a lot of effort and is cheap way to deal with such a stubborn stain. You also use only environmentally friendly products that will not pollute air at home, with home harsh chemicals that you and your family will breath.

The next stain that is very common at home, or in the office is the ink stains. When you notice such a stain, you need to act as soon as possible. Sooner the better. Use a clean white cloth to blot the stain, try to remove as much as you can. The best green product in this situation is the rubbing alcohol, even the cheapest bottle of vodka will work miracles when used during the cleaning process. Damp the cloth into a small amount of alcohol and then blot the stained area very slow and gently, repeat this trick until the stain is totally gone. Once the stain is cleaned, you should rinse with cold water and then blot dry again. You can again use the shop vac, only in case that you have one, you do not need to rent or buy now, remind end of tenancy cleaning services.

Soft-drink stains, especially the red one, are also very difficult to deal with, in this category we can also mention red wine stains and other red-based stains. In this case you need to start with the shop vac, try to remove as much liquid as possible. To get rid of soft-drink stains you need to combine dish-washing detergent and cold water. Soak a white clean cloth or towel in this solution, but not wet them too much, and then blot the stain. Remember never ever to rub these types of stains, otherwise you risk to spread the stain and set it deep into the carpet fibers, remind end of tenancy cleaning London services. You also should not press the stain to hard. After that you need to use the iron, and place it on the cloth, use the low heat option. Replace the old cloth with a new clean one with it is completely dirty. It is important to use green cleaning products, this way you are protecting your family and also keeping air at home clean and safe.

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