Cleaning Problems with Porcelain Tiles

How difficult is it to maintain porcelain tiles? Every housewife knows, that she has to sweep and vacuum them at least twice a week. Nobody likes to do that, and most women don’t have enough time for this cleaning solution. Also the cleaning method depends on the type of your tiles. I’ll try to mentioned the most popular tile types and the proper cleaning solution for them.

First you have to know, that the main thing you have to do is to sweep and vacuum the floor. This refers to all type of tiles.

1.Polished tile. To clean them, use a dry and untreated mop, instead of a broom. Strength of the cleaning agent should be 50 percent less than the usual cleaning product for unpolished porcelain tiles.

2.Texture tile. The mop and water won’t help you to clean this kind of tiles. You have to use a special cleaning solution. You have to wipe the floor in two ways – follow the direction of the tiles, or wipe it diagonally. Use a neutral cleaning solution to remove the dirt. After that leave the surface to dry.

3.Unpolished porcelain tile. After you apply the main process, wet the floor with hot water and some good tile cleaning product. Leave it for a 5 – 10 minutes and after that you can rinse it with water. If you notice stains, which are difficult to clean, scrub the floor with the cleaning solution you’ve applied. For your convenience, use a floor machine to scrub the stains.

Cleaners Sydney have an universal cleaning solution. That’s mean that you can apply it at all type of tiles. The mix is the following one: 2 gallons water and ¼ cup of vinegar. Just immerse the mop in the mix and wash the floor. But if you want to use this way, you have to do it twice a week…

If you don’t want to clean the tiles by yourself, call Sydney cleaning company. They will clean your floor in the best way.


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