Cleaning Plastic Surfaces: Ink Removing

I thought that I can remove every stain from a plastic surface. It is not such a big deal…Just wipe it with a clean cloth and some spray or even water and it is like new. Unfortunately, that is not true.

You know that sometimes the pen’s ink is flowing and when you use them, your hand gets dirty. That’s why I tried to remove the ink from outside of the pen, but my try was unsuccessful. So, I asked house cleaning Sydney for advice and they gave me some very useful cleaning tips.

First, I will start with the cleaning tools, which you have to use. It is necessary to take a clean cloth, alcohol, a nail polish, a sponge, a dish washing detergent, etc. Here are the cleaning solutions, which you will apply:

- take a clean bowl and mix the following ingredients: some dish washing detergent and rubbing alcohol. After that, shake up while the detergent dissolves in the alcohol. It is good to use a spoon for the purpose.

- you have two options to clean the problematic area:

1) if the stain is not so big, you can damp the whole item( which you want to clean) in the mix. It is good to keep it in the cleaning solution at least 30 minutes.

2) pour some amount from the mix on a clean sponge. Then, you can wipe down the stain until it is gone.

- another way to remove ink stain is to use a soap solution. Damp the sponge into it and scrub the stain, but don’t forget to rinse the sponge, permanently. There is a chance to transfer the ink on the plastic surface, again.

- next thing, you should do is to dry the already cleaned area. There is a chance to see the stain again. And you will have to clean it in another way.

- take a nail polish and a clean cloth. Damp the cloth with it and put it on the stain for at least 10 minutes.

- the last step, which you have to undertake is recommended by house cleaning Sydney. Rinse the plastic area with washing detergent and then with water, dry it as well.

These cleaning tips should be enough, right? For more information ask some good professional cleaner.

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