Cleaning of Leather Shoes with Vinegar

Probably there isn’t a man’s wardrobe without at least a pair of leather shoes. They are suitable for many occasions and you can make sure they will make your look stylish and classy! However, if not maintained properly they lose their shine with the time of use, that’s why you need to find the answer how to prolong their life and beauty. Learn from the article below.

These days you can find many commercial products for cleaning leather shoes and removing stains from them. In fact, you can use cheaper and non-toxic their alternatives made in your home! Cleaners Toorak explain you which are they and how to use them.

  • For cleaning leather shoes, you need to remove their laces first and them clean them in the washing machine without other clothes or shoes.
  • Take a soft cloth and wipe your leather shoes to remove dirt and dust from them and avoid using other cloths, because they may leave marks on them.
  • Make a cleaning solution of one part white vinegar and two parts linseed oil in a spray bottle.
  • Spray from the mixture directly onto the surface of your shoes, making sure you cover the entire surface.
  • Take another clean cloth and wipe them, rubbing a little with circular motions.
  • If it comes to extremely dirty leather shoes, you may need to spray and wipe them a few more times.
  • Now, let them sit this way for a few hours and wipe them with another clean cloth to remove the whole amount of the solution.
  • For removing salty stains from leather shoes, cleaning Toorak professionals advise you to prepare a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water. Dip a cloth in it until it is soaked and then press it onto the surface of the shoes. This is proven and very effective home cleaning solution.
  • Once a month polish your shoes with a special creamy shoe polisher and circular motions. This will certainly increase their life!

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