Cleaning Might Be Easier Than You Think

Most people think that the key to a sparkling cleaning home requires a lot of expensive commercial chemical-based cleaning solutions, for every single surface. Well, the truth is totally different nowadays. You have everything you need to disinfect and shine your home, all you need are some common house-hold ingredients. They are effective and cheap alternatives to all toxic detergents that are advertised on the TV. Few of you know that these products, that you buy from the local stores are harmful and dangerous for your and your family’s health and are also some of the pollutants, that are killing the nature around us. You have to ask yourself do all the money that you spend for professional cleaning solutions are worth it, when you can clean environmentally friendly way at lower price.

Here are some all-purpose cleaning solutions, recommended by tenancy cleaning services, that you can take advantage of, during the cleaning process.


Everyone has vinegar at home for some reasons, but of course the most common one is for cooking. However, this product has a lot more uses than only a salad dressing. You can use white vinegar to remove dirt, soap scum and hard water ring and stains. You can also use to polish furniture and wooden floors. Vinegar is an excellent and effective deodorizer, it can absorb and neutralize all types of odors without staining your grout and tile. To softer your clothing you can use again vinegar-based solvent, clothes will become gentle to the skin. Combine equal parts of vinegar and water, and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can use this simple solvent to clean different surfaces, you can also apply onto the toilet bowl to make it shine and disinfect. To clean stubborn and difficult to get rid of stains, you can use full-strength vinegar. According to window cleaning London company, it works miracles when cleaning glass surfaces, it will clean everything without leaving streaks. You can use towels, cloths, brushes and sponges when cleaning with vinegar.

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