Cleaning Hacks: Kitchen Green Cleaning

Many people use cleaning detergents with harsh chemical consistence. Let`s think about that for a second – do you think that poisoning the place you prepare your food, is healthy? I will give you a hint – no, it`s not! There are many cleaning materials, which are easy to find, and are harmless to your health. And health is the most precious thing in our lives, we should always be cautions when our well-being is on the line. In this article, I will give you some green cleaning tips, and a short info about the most commonly used of them.

First – white vinegar. White distilled vinegar has done a perfect job, for helping our ancestors and most cleaners in Melbourne with their domestic cleaning needs. With its acidity levels up high, vinegar is considered as a great disinfection tool, and also the perfect weapon for fighting grease. It is also good for removing unpleasant odours and even as a weed killer.

The lemon fruit comes second. Lemons also contain acids. But their acidity level is not as high as vinegar, so this is why lemons are not highly recommended for disinfecting purposes. But lemon juice sure does a great job for washing dirty dishes, or making your silver utensils shine as new. You may also use lemon juice to clean your microwave. Just pour the juice from one lemon into a mircowave-safe cup, add just a little bit of water, and turn the microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. When the concoction starts to boil, the separated steam helps loosening up the debris stuck onto the oven’s surface. It should be easy to wipe it with a paper towel.

Third comes everyone’s favourite – baking soda. By applying just a little bit of water, you can create a thick paste, which is great for scrubbing away almost anything. Greasy grills tremble from the powers of baking soda. And if you combine it with some of the earlier mentioned products – there is no dirt, spill, stain or filth that can scare you.

Using natural products is a real benefit to your`s and your family`s health. Cleaning services Melbourne and many more professional cleaning companies, recommend the usage of green cleaners on a daily basis.

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