Cleaning Dangers – Protect Yourself

Cleaning is one of the things which couldn’t be avoided. No matter are you doing domestic cleaning, pre or post tenancy cleaning or just after-party cleaning, probably you will have to use pile of different detergents. One for tiles, one for wood floors, one for grease stains, one for carpets and so on and so on… You use them to defend your home of dirt but… do you protect yourself of them?

Some people think that cleaning products are absolutely safe because their purpose is to fight with germs and grime. Yes, it is true that they are made to keep your home clean but they are definitely not harmless for you. If they could exterminate all bacteria and germs, it means that they have poisonous ingredients. Most cleaning detergents contain different acids which could be very dangerous. Of course they are not in so big quantity to kill you but they still could damage your health, especially if you use them very often. That’s why you should never neglect protection.

The most vulnerable part of your body is the skin, especially on your hands. Cleaning products like bleach or other which contain acids, could damage your skin badly. If you didn’t diluted them with enough water, the risk is even higher. You could protect yourself with pair of latex gloves. Always use them when you work with cleaning detergents.

Eyes’ s damages sometimes are irreversible. You have to protect your eyes, especially if you are cleaning high surfaces as shelves, walls or ceilings. In this cases goggles could be all you need.

One good decision is ho have pair of old clothes which you could always wear while you are cleaning. In that way you’ll protect your new clothes of stains and discoloration.

Of course the best way to protect yourself is not to clean at all. Unfortunately it is something what have to be done, but there are enough cleaning firms which could do it instead of you. Why you should muck up when there are plenty post and pre tenancy cleaning London companies? Cleaning firms offer lots of services – domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and many others. Just decide what you need, for example the best choice for your move in cleaning is to use pre tenancy cleaning London firm.

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