Cleaning Conventional Ovens

An oven is an indispensable part of every kitchen and is a perfect helper of every housewife. There is a wide variety of ovens offered on the market depending on the type, needs and taste of every person so that you can find even the popular self-cleaning ovens.

Still, the most common ovens in an ordinary house is the conventional one. This type of ovens need to be cleaned and maintained regularly and properly in order to keep your kitchen good looking and organized. Of course, every housewife has heard about the dangers a oven cleaning detergent carry within its tube, but no matter of that many of them continue using such products. Fortunately, there are some little tricks, cleaners Ardleigh Green suggest you to try before grabbing the commercial oven cleaner.

If the oven is mildly dirty, put a small glass bowl of ammonia in the oven at night, then wipe it out the next morning. If there is a spill, immediately pour salt on it. When the oven cools, brush off the burnt food. Mildly dirty ovens are usually found in homes where the family always eats out or where most of the cooking is done in a microwave.

If your oven looks like a coal miner’s paradise, then it needs a stiffer remedy. Pour lemon ammonia over the crud on the bottom of the oven. If the oven is gas, make sure the ammonia does not go down the holes. take an old terrycloth rag and wipe the whole interior, including the door. Close the door and let the fumes work on the dirt for two or three hours. Scrub out the oven with an SOS pad or stainless steel pad, then rinse and wipe dry. If the crud is really burned on and will not come off using this method, you will have to use an oven cleaner once, and from then you can keep the oven clean using this method. The last option is hiring professional oven cleaners Bandon Hill.

Finally dampen the floor of the oven and smooth down a piece of aluminium foil on it, dull side up. Place several shorter pieces of foil in the center of the first sheet, so that if there is a spill, the top sheet can be lifted off and there is another one waiting and ready. Do not let the foil touch the oven burner! Tho check this, bend down so your eyes are level with the burner.

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