Cleaning by Yourself with Green Cleaning Products

Nowadays, everybody talks about saving the world. Unfortunately, nobody is doing anything to keep it in a good condition. The easiest thing that you can do is to start to clean without chemical cleaning products. They are very harmful for your health and for the environment, too. If you don’t know which cleaning products you can use to clean your house, I will try to share with you the most useful ones.

Let me show you the natural cleaning alternatives, which you can use. As you might think, it is good to choose eco-friendly cleaning products. After that, you can start reading the labels of the products, you want to use. If you see words like: attention, danger, warning, etc, do not take the product. Try to buy cleaning products, which are made of oils, seeds, etc (I’m talking about biodegradable materials).

End of lease cleaning Sydney advise to use homemade cleaning products. They are cheaper and toxic free. Some of them are: vinegar, backing soda, essential oils, salt, olive oils, lemon juice, toothpaste, etc.

Here are the cleaning solutions you can use of:

Vinegar: you can mix it with water to clean linoleum floors, soap scum, toilets and other kind of stains. Also, you can use it as an antibacterial agent to kill mold.

Backing soda: It is a very good red-wine stains cleaner. If you mix it with water you will make a paste to clean silver and stainless steel. If you want to clean toilet, sinks, tubs, etc, you can mix it with water and oils.

Essential oil: you can use it as an antibacterial spray. Just mix it with lavender.

Salt: But not the regular one, it is good to use coarse salt. It will help you to get rid of mold.

Olive oil: If you mix it with vinegar you will clean your wood furniture very well.

Lemon juice: Believe it or not, you can use it as bleach. It is very effective for clothes.

Toothpaste: It is a very nice silver cleaner.

If these natural cleaning products are not good enough, you can hire vacate cleaning Sydney. They will clean your house very well and use natural cleaning products, too.

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