Cleaning and Meditation

Some people believe that being a cleaner is a raw deal, but actually it is a great job because cleaners are able to practice the art of meditation even as they are making money. By focusing their minds on this most menial of tasks, it becomes possible to halt the constant hustle and bustle of thoughts through their minds. By focusing on the simplicity and not allowing their thoughts to wander, the very mindlessness of the task becomes an advantage. It means that they can achieve a higher state of consciousness while at the same time making money. They can essentially clean their minds at the same time as cleaning up other people’s mess.

The way that this is done is by completely focusing all of one’s attention on the task at hand, recommend end of lease cleaning Sydney services. This means that their state of being is located purely in the now, rather than letting their thoughts wander into the past – re-living past pains and churning up old anxieties – or indeed into the future – imagining the infinite possibilities of what could happen but probably never will. Either of these options is completely pointless, and so by becoming one with whichever tool they are employing to clean – whether it be a hover to vacuum up dust from the carpet or a dishcloth to polish the family silver – they can come to realize that their minds and their bodies are comparable tools and our actual beings reside on an entirely different plane altogether.

This can be especially true for end of lease cleaning because the property that they are cleaning will no doubt be mostly devoid of distractions, as most of the items will be removed because the renters are moving out. So next time you are feeling pity for your home cleaners as they prepare the property for re-rental, remember that they are able to make money while at the same time cleansing their soul.

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