Clean Your Toilet With Alka Seltzer

Now it is very easy to keep the toilet clean by using the acid-reducing tablets called alka-seltzer. It provides you a safe and toxic-free way to clean your toilet without using commercial chemical-based cleaning solutions that you can buy from the store. These tablets are as effective as the solvents from the store, and will leave a sparkling toilet bowl without much effort. Here are some tips how to clean the toilet without calling the cleaning London companies.

1. Unpack eight tablets of alka-setzer. .

2. Pour two cups of water in a bowl.

3. Microwave the water for no more than three minutes, make it warm but not boiling. Remove it from the microwave and leave it aside. Do never warm the water after you add the tablets, otherwise you could cause damage to the microwave.

4. Add the tablets to the water and wait until the fizzing stops and tablets are dissolved.

5. You need to stop the temporary flow of water to your toilet and not allow water to fill up in the toilet bowl.

6. Flush the toilet thoroughly and use the toilet brush to scrub gently the inside and the bottom of the toilet. Make sure to remove all excess water of the toilet.

7. Drop four more tablets in a bowl with water and pour the solution in the empty toilet tank. Let it sit at least thirty minutes. This way you will keep the tank clean for the next few flushes. You should clean the toilet at least two times a week.

If you still notice any traces of stains you need to repeat the process. Do not forget to warn the family members that they will not be allowed to use the toilet for the next few hours, then star cleaning.

For the rest of the house you can call professional London cleaners, they will do the job instead of you.

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