Clean Your Kitchen Using Backing Soda

Backing soda is universal cleaning product. And the kitchen is the most proper place where you can use it. You don’t know how to apply it? I will share with you some good cleaning tips about it.

You can clean different parts of your kitchen, if you have any difficulties with that I will try to help you and to give you an example what you can clean with backing soda.

Plastic containers – you can clean and deodorize them. The best cleaning way is to degrease them. Just put some backing soda on a wet cloth and scrub the containers. This will help to remove bad odour and the dirt.

Coffee makers – when your coffee maker is dirty, the taste of the coffee is completely different. So, keep it clean! End of lease cleaning Sydney recommends to clean it inside and out. Just take a clean damp cloth and a few tablespoons backing soda. Start scrubbing with it and you will see how easy is to remove stubborn coffee stains. To clean it inside, you can run a cycle with the same cleaning solution. After that it is good to rinse it very well with warm water.

Pans cleaning – their cleaning is very simple process. Just make a paste of backing soda and water. Make sure that you will cover the bottom of the pan with it. Wait for a day and then scrub it with a sponge.

Dishwasher – For good cleaning, you have to wash your dishwasher at least every month. To clean it effectively use green cleaning products. They won’t harm your health. Here is the proper cleaning way: turn on as usual the dishwasher and instead of soap add some backing soda (do not put dishes in there). After that rinse with clean water.

If you want to learn more good kitchen cleaning tips, ask home cleaning Sydney. They clean only with natural cleaning products, so your health will be in a good condition.

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