Clean House Will Make them Like you

For many of us the other people’s opinion is pretty important. Many citizens of our modern society, feel the influence of the people’s talks in their everyday lives, during their work days and even at home. Television, radio, magazines, they all teach us what is good and what is bad, how should we talk, behave, walk if you want. Is that normal? I do not think so. Unfortunately, sometimes we should act in a way that other people want from us, simply because this is the only way for us to achieve a certain goals.

For example, if you want to impress your girlfriend’s parents during their first stay in your home, you’d better try to make your place looks good. Some simple tenancy cleaning could be the best start for this.

So here is what you should do:


Remove all the dust from the shelves. You may use one of those antistatic cleaning detergents. They are very good for the wooden surfaces and on top of that using them will prevent additional dust build ups later on.

Clean the stains

Try to get rid of all the old and stubborn stains from your carpets and curtains. Otherwise, her parents will think of you as a man who loves staying and living in a smelly and not cosy places. Believe me, they do not want such a father for their grandchildren.

However, if there is a particularly hard to remove stain, you may try to treat it with some pre washing detergent and leave it this way for a while. When the textile got well soaked and the spot loosen up you will be able to get rid of it a lot easier.


Very important and along that very hard thing to do. Unfortunately, the odours have the ability to soak well in all kinds of surfaces, even in walls, so you will have to work extra on solving that problem.

However, after all that tenancy cleaning you can be sure that you are a step closer to the convenient of your girlfriends parents. Once, when they like you, everything will be much easier for you, so do not miss that opportunity.

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