Clean Easily Wine Stains from Your Carpet

Who doesn’t like to drink a cup of red wine after a long day at work? There is nothing better than this, isn’t it? You come back, go to the kitchen, open a bottle of your favourite red wine, pour a glass and then… Oh, no! You’ve just spilled some on the carpet! What could you do?

You would succeed to rid out of wine stains only if you take a prompt action because every wasted minute would make this more difficult. Take a clean cloth and blot carefully the spot. Be careful and don’t rub it because in this way you would spread it and, in the end, it would be impossible to remove it if you don’t use professional cleaners London to help you. You should try to absorb as much as you could.

May be you would be surprised but pouring some vodka or white wine could help you to clean easier red wine stain. In many cases they could successfully neutralize the spot and most of it would disappear or discolour. It is much easier to clean wine splotch after it was treated in this way. Soak up again.

Next step is to sprinkle some salt or club soda. They couldn’t remove wine stains by themselves but would prevent it from settling into the fibres of the carpet. Salt and club soda would absorb everything what you couldn’t with the cloth. Leave them for half an hour and then you could take some drastic measures.

Now it is time to mix a teaspoon of carpet shampoo with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. First of all, test this solution at the corner of the carpet because it might discolour it. You don’t want to do some irretrievable damages, do you? Make sure that your carpet could be treated safely with this mixture and blot the stain. Be patient because it would take some time. When you are satisfied of the results, all you should do is to wipe the spot with a clean paper towel.

There is and another very effective solution which you could use – mix equal parts of water and glycerine. You may use it in the same way as it’s explained above.

If you are not completely sure what are you doing, it would be much better not to make experiments with your carpet but to call professional cleaners London. They are able to cope successfully with any kinds of stains so wine ones wouldn’t be a problem for them.

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