Clean but not Sterile House

How clean exactly our home should be? If you ask most people they will tell you that it has to be as clean as possible. However, I was thinking on that the other day and I decided that this type of thinking is maybe wrong.

Here is why:

A standard cleaning procedure involves chemical cleaning detergents, steam, boiling water, disinfectants and similar bacteria and germs killing things.
We firstly vacuum clean our carpets, then we apply all that chemicals and at the end even the drying is done by a machine. That sort of carpet cleaning and home cleaning kills everything in our house and I was thinking how all that effects us. Is this good for our health? I think it is not. I think that we should clean less because, we are designed not to live in sterile environment, so we should not create one. On top of that, no matter how clean our home is, we still meet all that living organisms when we go out, so we better be prepared for them.

The only way for us not to suffer from illnesses and other health problems caused by these little creatures is to build a strong immune system. However, such cannot be achieved if we are constantly trying to maintain a perfectly clean surrounding.

So, next time when you decide that your house is dirty, clean it in such a way that it to look good but without killing all the live in it.

Some vacuum cleaning is all the carpet cleaning you need for a week. More serious procedures can also be performed, but not more often than once a season. However, in this case you can easily hire carpet cleaning London company to do it for you. They won’t charge you expensive and the final results will be better than the one you will be able to achieve.

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