Cities of Scotland

When people think of Scotland, they often picture winding pastoral landscapes, little country roads, and majestic rolling hills. The countryside of Scotland is some of the most beautiful unspoiled terrain in the world. However, Scotland is not just about quiet country getaways and hillwalking. It is also home to several bustling, exciting cities that are just waiting to be explored by the excitement loving tourist.

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is the second largest city in Scotland and second only to London as the most visited city in the UK. Part of the reason for this is the Edinburgh Festival, a series of interconnected festivals that takes place every year for the month of August. There are festivals for everyone, from book lovers to foodies to fans of the performing arts, and the lively party atmosphere overtakes the entire city.

Aberdeen, located on the north coast of Scotland, is known as the Grey City. It offers beautiful architecture made from locally quarried granite, as well as many parks and open spaces. There are several interesting museums and a variety of live music venues. It is possible for a person to stay in an Aberdeen city centre hotel and be within close distance of enough interesting attractions to fill an entire vacation.

The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow. It is a modern, urban area with a population that is close in number to London and Paris. As such, there are many interesting things to do and see within its limits. If you enjoy shopping and high fashion, Glasgow is for you. It is considered the fashion capital of Scotland, and offers high end designer boutiques in the Princes Square and Italian Centre shopping districts. There are also museums, historical walking tours, live music, art galleries and a variety of both local and international cuisines to enjoy. As is true with most of Scotland, there is a thriving sports scene, with football being the most popular event. You can dance the night away at a modern nightclub, or simply relax in a traditional Scottish bub with a pint or a dram of famous Scotch whisky.
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Scotland, while it is very old and steeped with history, has plenty of modern cities to excite the urban loving traveler.

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