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Christmas is usually the time of year that reminds us that it’s often important to give as much as we can to those who truly need it. Whilst the shops and hotels in Shrewsbury are glittering away with their tinsel decorations, the people of Shrewsbury have not forgotten the true meaning behind the holidays. Here are some of the ways they are helping the community:

The Shrewsbury Youth & Family Services have joined forces with the Worcester County Department of Children & Families to hold a toy drive, which will end on December 10th (2011). Many families are donating a variety of toys for any aged children, hats, scarves and gloves, gift cards, and playing balls. The money will help various children who are in need for some comfort this coming winter.
Many parents are contributing to the schools in Shrewsbury by donating to the Shrewsbury Education Foundation. This is especially important in helping children who have learning difficulties and will need extra assistance.

Shrewsbury Oil Assistance Relief will be helping to fuel homes this winter but due to shortages, they are having to make major cuts. Many are helping by donating money to the organisation to ensure everyone can have a toasty Christmas this year. The SELCO programme is also helping in providing lighting, heating and hot water for shelters in the area. All funds will go directly to these charities and donations can be made via SELCO too.

Donations are being made online for the Worcester County Food Bank to help hunger relief efforts this year. The programme will end on December 8th (2011) so be sure to act quickly if you would like to help.

It is obvious that the people of Shrewsbury are banding together this winter to ensure that everyone has the Christmas that they deserve. So therefore, if you will be visiting the area in the next few weeks and you are feeling slightly privileged in your Shrewsbury hotel, there are many ways to help out. Who needs Santa Clause when community spirit is exactly the thing that can change someone’s life this Christmas?

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